Kaempferiagalangal, where it is called kencur, is used as an herb in cooking in Indonesia, and especially in Javanese and Balinese cuisines.
The rhizome (root) of Kencur resembles ginger appearance, but has a different and distinctive flavor. It has a strong taste with a pungent aftertaste.
Kencur is a source of zinc, starch, ethyl aster, paraeumarin, borneol, mineral, cinnamic acid, and other nutrition that explain why it is used in many folk-medicine applications for ages, mainly in Southeast Asia.
Kencuris known as the Wonderful Herb with many benefits such as increased energy, increase appetite, reduce bad cholesterol, antioxidants, cough medicine, reducing bloating, and to treat swollen/sprained muscle.
The extracts of the plant kill larvae of several species of mosquito including some that are disease vectors. As a result of these findings, research is underway to evaluate the plant extract's use as an insect repellent.