All spices are sourced carefully in Indonesia. We work with trusted suppliers from various locations. Our nutmeg is mainly sourced in North Sulawesi (Tagulandang, Siau, Sangihe, Talaud Island) where our procurement team weekly visits our farmers and collectors to validate the spices and discussing market changes. The products will be stored in our warehouse in Manado and then transported in the most efficient way to our factory in Surabaya, East Java. Product selection and grading is done in line with HACCP.
The factory will be equipped for the newest state of art machineries such as grading, sorting, grinding and laboratory testing etc. To assure the highest standard for quality food of safety, ethical trade and social impact. A common food quality management system is HACCP or hazard analysis critical control points. HACCP is a guide for food service managers and employees to follow that ensures that no safety protocols are breached. To produce standard quality products we adapt for certificates such as FSSC22000, HALAL.
We are striving for the best quality spices and services, that is our promise to our partners and clients. To achieve the best quality and to meet all our partners specifications we use 3 lines of defence.
We carefully control every step in the production process, while we work with suppliers and farmers based on integrity, quality, traceability and the aim to build long term relationships.


In the near future our sterilization treatment will makes sure we can deliver the highest food safety standard products with the lowest microbiological levels to our clients. Our In-House laboratory will do the basic tests to assure the quality of our production is consistent.
For final testing and analyses we work with global testing companies which are world-wide known such as: SGS, Eurofins, Angler etc.