As a private company with roots in Indonesia we are responsible for our employees, partners and social environment.
Use of pesticide, chemicals, social issues and access to finance for farmers are just some issues we believe need to be properly addressed in order to secure the food safety and livelihood of the farmers. From our partners we also expect that they have the same values and principles. We should remember that we don’t inherit the earth from our parents, but we borrow it from our children.

Our current projects and contribution to ensure a sustainable supply chain

  • Bali Project 

We provided 15.000 nutmeg trees and for the farmer community and a drying house. On a daily base we talk to the farmers how best practices should be implemented.
  • Plantation Project

To avoid the use of chemicals and pesticides we have planted a 12 hectares with kencur, galangal and sereh where we closely work with a farmer community.
  • SSI

We are one of the earliest members of Sustainable Spice Initiative Indonesia (SSI) striving for 25% sustainable sourcing in 2025. We regularly participate in working groups to work to the goals set by SSI.