Trusted, Reliable & Ultimate Partner in Spices

We are engaged in the selection, procurement, processing, trading and supply of various spices from Indonesia to the global market in a Sustainable way. Our business activities includes origin selection, transporting, sortating, hand-picking automated grading, (by 2021 grinding and sterilization) packing and export of single spices - Nutmeg, Mace, Cloves, Vanilla, Cassia and Cashew


Our Mission

We want to have a positive economic and social impact on local communities, increased farmers income  and  social  coherence.  To  provide  the assurance  that our  customers can procure their products according to their needs and specifications. We do not aim to become the largest exporter but to be  a  trusted,  and  reliable partner,  as  well  as a sustainable source in the spices business.


Terry born in Sulawesi Indonesia, which is well-known as a paradise for Coconut, Nutmeg, Cloves and other spices has deep experience in the Food Industry and Logistic businesses.


Tony also comes from Indonesia where his background lays in the Food Science and Banking. That is where he met Sinar, his international colleague, born in The Netherlands. When the founders decided to start TSI, they have known each other for many years through the collaboration they had in Rabobank, particularly in Indonesia.


The local expertise of doing business in Indonesia, the extensive network they have through Terry’s other businesses, the expertise of dealing with international customers and Sinar residing in The Netherlands as our anchor point for the international customers makes us unique.

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