There are two varieties of cinnamon, cassia and zeylanicum (also known as ceylon cinnamon or true cinnamon)
Cassia bark is darker, thicker and coarser than true cinnamon with a more pungent flavour but a litte less  sweet in taste. Indonesia cinnamon, also known as cassia can be found throughtout the country. We source our cinnamon from partners who have decades of experience and know what the specifications are for the most premium cinnamon.
Large heavy coils are stored and graded on location. TSI never blends bark of mixed quality and will test oil content before grinding. 
Ground Cinnamon is gorgeous cooked with apples or in baked goods such us buns, cakes, sweet pastries and puddings. Cinnamon baks is added to poaching syrup for fruits such as pears, plums and bananas and to mulled wine or punch. 
Cinnamon bark is also used to flavour meet, poultry and vegetable stews and can be added to spicy marinades