Vietnam, Brazil and India are the largest growers of cashew. But also in Indonesia cashew trees are grown. TSI suppliers a wide ranges of cashew grades which are sources on the island of sulawesi. The cashew nut is the kidney-shapes seed inside a pit in the drupe that hangs to the bottom of the cashew apple. The cashew nut kernel it self is protected in the pit by a strong shell that needs to be roasted  or steamed for shelling. The cashew is transported to our factory in Surabaya where further process until vacum packaging will follow.
In Europe cashews are usually eaten dried, roasted and salted as a snack or in salads.
Use unsalted cashews, whole or ground, for cooking they’re often added to chinese and South East Asian dishes just before serving. Cashew nuts are particulary good with chiken or prawn dishes and can be used in meat or vegetables stews or curries. Or thrown them into rice dishes to add texture. For industrial use the nut can be use in cookies, as topping etc.